Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our first real goodbye

Yesterday we said goodbye to our friends Tim, Katie and Liam. We've had plenty of good times with them. L and E are just 2 weeks apart in age, and they have followed each other pretty well. Learned to walk together, sharing different ways to say No! (Swedish Nej, Tamil Ille and English No) and practicing efficient ways to take toys from one another.

V has learned much of her English through conversations and playing school with K. This morning she woke up sad and said she wanted them to stay. So do we. All though we realize how exciting it must be for them to go home and let L get to know their friends and family there.

We will miss them greatly, and starting to realize what it actually means when friends move away every year.


Ma said...

Tråkigt och jobbigt med avsked av sådana man tycker om är det faktiskt jämt.

Anna said...

Helt sant!